Proctor & Gamble Play The Race Game
"We Exist Because Someone Has To Tell The Truth"
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Have you ever wondered what is taught in "RAZA" studies? Laura brings us a perspective born of reason, love of country and a desire for justice. Broadcasting from Arizona Laura gives us her all.
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Frank wants to talk about everything because life consists of many issues. Maybe this is a show for you. Life after death, UFO's, politics, medicine, human relationships, animals, it will all be discussed at some point in time.
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Factually based political economics My purpose is to explain why I believe what I believe.
"Heritage Not Hate"
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Tears We Cannot Stop: "A Sermon To White America"
That is the title of a book written by Michael Eric Dyson who believes that President Trump is a product of White selfishness. Dyson says that we had a great President in Obama but "look at what we have now"... Watch the clip of Dyson on "The View" with Whoopi Goldberg and in short you will understand why many of us want nothing to do with those who wish to deprive us of more of our freedoms...